The overall employment rate last year in the EU stood at 70.1 per cent. This is 0.9% better than the figure of 2014, but still 0.2 percent lower than in pre-crisis 2008. In Latvia, the employment rate among the population aged 20 to 64 years have reached 72.5 per cent (in 2014 was 70,7%).

The most noticeable jump in number of workers found in the older age group. In Sweden among residents aged 55 to 64 years have a permanent job 74,5%, in Germany — 66,2%, in Denmark — 64,7%, in neighboring Estonia and 64.5%. Latvia increased last year by 6% higher than the European average, accounting for 59,4%.

Low employment among people of pre-retirement age recorded in the southern countries - Greece, Slovenia, Malta, Romania.