On April 26, Europe celebrated the international day of intellectual property. In honor of this event, the European statistical office, calculated how many shopping patents were requested last year and residents of some countries had shown the greatest enthusiasm.

It became clear that Latvia is far behind not only from most Western European countries, but also from its neighbors in the region. In 2015, our country received 160 applications, that is 80,6 million inhabitants of the country. From Lithuania during the same period, were filed for registration of a trade innovation 270 projects (92,4 per million inhabitants), Estonia — 352 (268 per million).

The average for the EU countries the number of patents filed for registration of the trade brand equal to 175,9 million inhabitants. The most innovative entrepreneurs live in Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Germany.

Only in 2015 in the EU there were almost 90 000 orders for the original commercial sample. It is four times more than in 90-e years, according to Eurostat.