The man called State police, who drew up a report about a traffic accident. In service it turned out that the car had a damaged wheel and dented disk. Repair cost 52 Euro. Janis decided to collect the money from the Riga city Council, considering that the city government must contain the roads in order. But officials rejected the claim of the victim driver.

In his letter, the representatives of RD write that "at the accident scene, the police did not record the visual car damage". And since the place was not called the wrecker, "this damage could not appear due to the fact that the driver drove into the pit, and later, for example, due to the fact that the car hit a curb". Janis, to put it mildly, were surprised, having received such a response. "Neither I nor the police are employees of the service station, so on the eye to determine that the dented disk. In turn that damaged the wheel, it became clear only in the morning," says the man. The tow truck he didn't, because the home did not reach nearly one kilometer.

The statement of the Riga city Council, Janis put photos of the damage wheel. But here, the officials found the answer: in the pictures time is not specified and, therefore, it is unknown when they were made.

At the same time in Dagestan do not exclude that the pit in the street Cu. The Cabinet really is. But it is not grounds for a refund. "Even if the accident happened at the address, the driver will be able to notice the pit, to slow down and avoid the obstacle, thereby not damaging the car," writes RD. At the invitation of the Duma to avoid the pit, Janis answered honestly that it did not notice because I did not expect that "one of the main streets of the capital will be specially sawn pit depth of 10 cm without any warning signs".

Janis does not intend to surrender. He decided to sue the RD. "I understand that court costs will be much higher of the amount that I paid for the car repairs. But it is a matter of principle," says the man.