Behave in the same way as in any public place

In social networks have to behave the same as on the street or any other public place. "Your behavior in the virtual space should not harm yourselves or others", — experts say.

Take care of your safety

Learn how to use privacy settings in social media. Learn all the ways that attackers trying to access personal information, to not have to deal with unpleasant surprises.

In case you use Facebook you need to make sure that your friends are people with whom you are really familiar. Do not take in the circle of friends of strangers. Before you make an entry on his Twitter page, think about it: the tweets never disappear. In turn, the page for business contacts LinkedIn should not post sensitive information, including personal ID, disease, nationality, religious affiliation or political beliefs.

Post decent photos

Carefully evaluate your photos before you post them on social media for public viewing. Choose only those that can be considered decent, preferably made on a beautiful background. Posting obscene images or offensive and rude texts often results in a loss of job or denial of employment.

"In recent years, our personality and identity, among other things, mapping the social media. It is necessary to consider that it you assesses both potential and current employer. Organizations want to hire people whose values and Outlook are close to the values of the organization, therefore, our behavior on social networks should be considered from this point of view," — emphasizes the expert.

In his opinion, it is important not to let emotions get the best of you and keep in social media the respect for different opinions, a country in which we live, a particular company where you work. "Opinions may vary, however, inciting hatred, lack of tolerance to those who are not like us, the justification of violence is still contrary to the basic tenets of civilization," adds CFO SEB Bank.

Complain less

If your social profile is public, remember that this is not the place for complaints. Most likely, your personal problems are only interested in close friends, not all of society. Of course, you can sometimes Express the emotions, but too often the notes of a series of "terrible life" will create a presentation about you as a weak man, not able to cope with difficulties.

Evaluate yourself properly

In the philosophical status is not bad, but try to do without over-confidence, especially if you can't brag of any special achievements.

Follow the rules of spelling

The Internet is increasingly meet texts with grammatical errors. If you respect yourself and others, follow the spelling. This will certainly leave you a good impression.

Like those records that you really touched

Like only the notes that really touched you, not everyone. This will create an impression about you as a woman with a stable system of values.