"This is a very important kind of ammunition that would allow defense Forces to destroy a tank unit of the enemy the size of a brigade", — said the head of the service arms of the military Department major General Risto Parcel.

Ammo price is 33 million dollars, funded delivery USA. Defence forces of the Republic will receive type missiles Javelin Block 1, which have greater speed and striking power compared with earlier types of such weapons.

In 2014, Estonia signed a contract to buy 80 Javelin units, reports "Interfax". Supply Javelin systems manufactured pursuant to the development program of national defense for 2013-2022. Javelin will replace the currently in service with the Milan system.

Portable antitank missile system Javelin entered service the US Army in 1996. It is designed to destroy armored vehicles, protected objects, as well as helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. Used during hostilities in Iraq. Washington delivers the data to missile systems for export.

1 March allied commander of NATO in Europe, us General Philip Breedlove said that the U.S. and its allies in NATO are taking measures in case of war with Russia in Europe.