Life rose was smiling but now the smile on her face appears much less frequently. She is forced to avoid sharp movements and does not tolerate bright light. Black kitten-foundling Bob during an interview do not get off your feet mistress — Roses, and at night he often lies down near her face, as if trying to delay the pain from the affected eye.

It is difficult to accept that someone else's carelessness and negligence has undermined hopes for the future. And at 17 years old after all, so many hopes! The strong desire Rose now — is, of course, to recover. And she wants to play sports again, because it's her outlet, her moral and physical necessity. Rose tries not to lose heart, continues to live and breathe. Recently, for example, she independently learned to play the guitar.

After 2 months of treatment rose and her parents understood that with such a serious injury to Latvian ophthalmologists can not cope. With the assistance of the charity Fund "Faith, Hope, Love" Rose consulted in Leningrad regional hospital, where he was advised to go to the clinic. Only the University hospital Aachen in Germany ophthalmologists promise to return eyesight to the girl. One or two operations only need to plastic century, as it suffered — burns of 4 degrees. Then you will need to correct the cornea.

In the first phase, rose sent may 24. And now for the opening of the eyes required 10 000 euros. Only have 3 to 5 stages.

The history of the Rose Heiny touches the soul. The fate of the girls can and should be corrected. It is hoped that Rose will be all right, let's this will assist you in the!


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