Although love is a very mysterious feeling, which affects people the most strange and unpredictable ways, for thousands of years, scientists were able to distinguish certain stages of the process of love and love. Total of 7, and if you're familiar, then, with high probability, you still love, not lust or just a crush.

1. Beginning

This is when something or someone new starts to acquire quite a new value in your life. Maybe it's someone you have known for many years, or someone you met just a few hours ago. In any case, you start to focus only on this person.

2. Obsessive thinking

The next stage is when the thoughts about a particular person begin to invade your mind. You analyze your conversations, remember what he was wearing or how she smiled. You think how he reacted to this film, what would you say.

Over time, you become obsessed with such thoughts. In fact, when in love, people think about the object of their feelings 85-100% of the time, no matter what you do with the.

3. Crystallization

They say lovers tend to idealize their loved ones. But scientists say that the third stage of development of those feelings, is the crystallization. The creation of a coherent image of a human being — and not only its positive but also negative qualities. A person becomes solid and real person in your mind. But Yes, you are supportive of his flaws or even think they're funny.

4. Desire, hope and uncertainty

So you got the full image of the person in your head and now you're struggling with the desire to have a relationship with him. Everything that happens between you, has emotional value: any positive moment and you think he still has feelings for you, any negative and you're desperate.

At this stage you are very worried you would break up (though it may still not have converged), and are determined to overcome any obstacles.

5. Hypomania

This burst of energy when you think that you can almost not eat or sleep. Still, this manifests itself in nervous reactions: hyperemia (redness of the cheeks), tremors (hands shaking with fear or anticipation of the meeting), the awkwardness (and related movements), stuttering, sweating, rapid pulse.

6. Jealousy and intense motivation

You are determined to achieve his beloved. While you irrationally jealous and ready to scare off any potential rival. This period is characterized by fear of rejection and overwhelming feelings of sadness.

7. Helplessness

Despite all the determination and intensity of your feelings, in the end it all comes down to helplessness. At first you may get discouraged, but as is the obsession, you start to think, why behave so irrationally.

At this point, you still may want a relationship, but begin to accept that this may not be. Finally you return to pragmatism and logic. Will/will not work. Whether that will be.