The agreement between the EU and Turkey on readmission of illegal migrants should enter into force on the 20th of March. From then on, all refugees illegally arriving in Greece from Turkey through the Aegean sea, can be sent back to Turkey. For each deported illegal migrant EU legally obliged to take from Turkey a Syrian refugee. In the first stage, the European Union has proposed to legally withdraw from Turkey 72 thousand Syrians. If this number is exceeded, the contract between the parties will be suspended.

In turn, the Turkish representative said that the return to Turkey of illegal immigrants that entered Greece from Turkey through the Aegean sea, will begin on 4 April.

The negotiations of accession of Turkey to the EU

The EU representative noted that the Treaty on migrants still must be approved by the Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu. Another senior representative of the European Union earlier announced that Turkey have indicated willingness to adopt the document.

A draft agreement between the EU and Turkey also envisages the opening until the end of June a further two areas within the framework of the accession negotiations of Turkey to the EU. It comes to negotiations on budget and Finance. Cyprus as an EU member may not block the negotiations on the two areas, said the representative of the European Union, adding that the issue of negotiations in other areas will be decided later.

Earlier Cyprus had once again threatened to veto the negotiations between Brussels and Ankara on the accession of Turkey to the EU. The government in Nicosia is unhappy that Turkey continues its occupation of Northern Cyprus, does not recognize the government of the Republic of Cyprus and refuses to open Cyprus to its ports and airports.