Erdogan said that in the middle East "no room for terrorist organizations." Thus he spoke about the Kurds, which the US began to arm a week ago.

Despite these differences, Erdogan and trump praised the development of bilateral relations and pledged to strengthen their.

9 may trump endorsed the supply of arms and ammunition to Kurdish groups in Syria who are in the ranks of the Alliance "Democratic forces in Syria" fighting against militants grouping "Islamic state" (banned in Russia, Britain and many other countries).

16 may Erdogan said that the cooperation with the Kurds is totally unacceptable.

Turkey calls for Syrian Kurds part of the forbidden "of the Kurdistan workers party" (PKK), which is also considered a terrorist in the United States, Britain and several European countries.

The United States believes that Syrian factions of the Kurds are not part of the PKK. A source in the Pentagon told Bi-bi-si, that America would supply the Kurds ammunition, small arms, machine guns and construction equipment.

The American authorities are arming the Kurds in the hope that they will help to liberate Raqqa, which the militants kept under control more than two and a half years.

The White house said that U.S. authorities are well aware of the concerns of Turkey about security in the region. In the administration of the American President assured that the United States is determined to prevent additional threats and to protect our NATO ally.