The debate about the relations between Turkey and the EU was held in the European Parliament on Thursday, April 28. Deputies went in the estimates of recent transactions on the movement of refugees. Some politicians decided it was a "forced necessity", noting that the EU is not able to take responsibility for the solution to the immigration crisis. Another part of the deputies criticized the EU for trying to "buy external services to solve their problems by sacrificing the principles of freedom of speech and human rights which are regularly violated in Turkey.

In the end, the European Parliament agreed to encourage the EU to slow down the visa liberalization, while Ankara does not fulfill its obligations to improve relations with Cyprus and the introduction of biometric passports.

As reported in March, the EU and Turkey have signed an agreement under which Turkey will take back refugees who come through it to Greece. In return, the Turkish authorities want to eliminate visas for their citizens, and to intensify negotiations on accession to the EU.

It is expected that the European Commission report on the results of the new Turkish-EU agreement will be published in a week.