To make it easier to navigate offer readers a summary table of requirements of the Law on safety of public entertainment and holiday events, the Law on assemblies, processions and pickets, as well as their application. For the purpose of clarity in the table of provisions of the laws, somewhat simplified.

It is important to note that participant requirements will differ slightly depending on the legal form of the event. For example, on 9 may in Riga in Victory Park is a public festive event, and with 16 to 17 hours there will come the "Immortal regiment", which is the procession. In these examples I'll explain the regulation.

Some important insights

  1. The flag, emblem, anthem of the USSR and the Union republics as the most banned symbols, it is better not to use at all.
  2. Political views. It is forbidden to glorify totalitarian regimes, to spread Communist ideology to sow ethnic strife, to propagate war and violence.

While not forbidden to Express the joy at the end of the great or Second world war, the victory of the USSR and the allies, to praise the military valor of the soldiers and officers who mourn for the dead, to remember the joys and troubles of the past years.

  1. Medals and orders. Can be worn at a public event in Victory Park, on the streets, but it is better not to wear during the March "Immortal regiment".
  2. Star with hammer and sickle. If you want to wear it, then behave solely as a memorable event. Understand that Your behavior will be judged more strictly. Refrain from expressing their political views.
  3. Portraits of loved ones. In the framework of the March "Immortal regiment" allowed to bear a portrait, if the historical photos depicted your hero with medals or other Soviet symbols, in this case, you use the symbols only indirectly. The ban did not apply.
  4. The ribbons or the red star itself is allowed, as are not exclusively Soviet symbols. My only request is to behave with dignity with these historical characters.

In addition, event organizers can enter your restrictions in the rules of conduct. For example, in the Immortal regiment March in Riga, you may not use any flags or portraits of political figures who are not relatives of the parties to a particular regiment. This follows their essential principles of the movement: "Immortal regiment — a non-profit, non-Political, non-governmental Civil initiative. Immortal regiment may not be a fashion Playground. Excluded the use of any corporate or other symbols in all that relates to the Immortal regiment. The regiment cannot be personalized in any, even the most respected man: politics, public figure, official."