According to Stratfor, more and more Russians are thinking about moving to another country on the background of the struggle of the authorities with civil activity, a rapid fall in incomes and rising social stratification, writes "Independent newspaper" with reference to the research company. Experts believe that soon Russia will lay a new wave of emigration — "the largest over the last 20 years".

Today, leaving the country highly qualified specialists, who do not see prospects in the Russian Federation. According to experts, the "brain drain" will cause damage to the Russian economy for years to come. Education and health care in the country will continue to decline. While innovative companies and projects will largely settle outside of Russia. In Russia will significantly reduce private enterprise, analysts predict. According to Stratfor, half of Russian youth mentally prepared to leave the country.

To the greatest extent immigrants are not satisfied with the weakness and irrelevance of the institutions of civil society in Russia. Also they don't trust law enforcement and judicial system of the country. In addition, the mood to leave the Russian Federation is associated with the tightening of legislation and introduction of stricter regulations for Internet users.

In Stratfor estimated that material damage from emigration may amount to 1.5 trillion dollars a year. In the last year alone have left the country 2000 dollar millionaires and billionaires with their assets, said analysts.

The experts noted that the Russian authorities do not react to the growth of emigration moods and not trying to eliminate the causes of the flight of the population. Inaction is part of the attempts for the return of emigrants. As an example, in Stratfor cited the experience of India or China, who created a special development centres, staffed returnees, mainly from the United States, while receiving wages that are not inferior to us.

According to the study, one of the leading international consulting companies Knight Frank, over the last 13 years, Russia has left 20 thousand dollar millionaires and billionaires. Of this number 6 thousand left in the last three years.

Held in June, the poll showed that over three years, the share of those wishing to leave Russia decreased from 13% to 10%. At the same time wishing to emigrate were more likely to take concrete steps to move. In addition, during the year the number of citizens who wished to leave Russia in the next year or two, increased from 7% to 17%.

Also changed the motives for moving. In previous years, citizens are called to a higher standard of living and wages abroad. Now the Russians often say that in other countries is better social security and stability, talking about the dissatisfaction of the Russian government and of the government policy.

Official statistics indirectly confirms the assumption of analysts Stratfor. According to Rosstat, since the beginning of 2012 the number leaving the country of Russians has increased from 36 thousand to 350 thousand. The majority of immigrants go to the USA, Germany, Canada and Finland. In the report of the Committee of civil initiatives Alexei Kudrin, economists came to the conclusion that the real rate of emigration is 3-4 times higher.