He noted that the pace of work will depend on funding fee from the state budget. After the final calculations will be made, on the initiative of the Minister of justice Dzintars Rusnack Latvian government will submit a claim to the international court of justice in the Hague on reparations.

Currently caused to Latvia during the occupation, the economic damage is estimated at 185 billion euros. This amount does not included the damages caused to the environment, loss of life, damage due to the transformation of the economic system after the occupation. Stankiewicz noted that these losses the Commission had yet to calculate.

The Commission by estimate of a damage from the Soviet occupation was established in 2005 and lasted until 1 August 2009 when because of the crisis, its activity was temporarily suspended. The session was attended by about 50 professional historians and statisticians. Calculations were made on the basis of international methodologies.