In mid-September, the delegation of the development Fund enterprise Estonia (EAS) went on a trip to Malaysia and Singapore. The delegation consisted of 34 people, including Taavi Rõivas and his wife, Louise, who paid for the trip themselves and during the stay of the delegation in Malaysia was vacationing in Bali.

Part of the delegation, including Rivas, after visiting Singapore, went to Malaysia. There after the official events, some participants went to a bar, inviting with a operating in Malaysia Estonians and other people with whom they met during the trip - mostly women.

The party that came out from under contole

A party with cocktails from spirits soon got out of control, writes One of the members of the delegation specially poured his companion a drink, stating that he wanted to make her wet. Another woman pushed in the pool - it has affected her clothes and all she had with him. Sober the culprit promised to compensate the damage.

The third incident related to sexual harassment, according to the portal. One of the members of the delegation struck up a conversation with lady Catherine (name changed), who lives in Malaysia. "It was a completely normal conversation. We met, talked about his wife. He asked me what brought me to Malaysia, talked about it," said the woman. After some time, the interlocutor asked her to dance, while dancing against her, and then pulled off the dance floor, squeezed between two refrigerators, and kissed.

"During the kiss he was very aggressive, it was unpleasant. But that was not the end. The future is completely out of control: she pulled up my dress and began to touch, she says. — I like dizzy... You want to say something, but I can't. I tried to get out of this situation, lowered her dress, was asked several times to stop. I managed to get out, I went to his Desk. I thought he will understand what he did and will apologize." The man, however, turned to her and said that she has such beautiful eyes that he can't resist.

Soon, the woman was gone. Along the way she contacted friends in Estonia and told them what happened. The next day I found out that at least two girls faced at the party with this attitude.

Harassment of ex-Prime Minister?

Assumptions about the fact that the man who molested Catherine and other women, was a former Prime Minister of Estonia Taavi Rõivas, at the moment officially is not confirmed. Adviser Rivas Ave Tampere has not confirmed nor denied this assumption. "We have agreed that we will not support any speculation about specific individuals and names. May we honor this agreement. Irakli Garibashvili apologized on behalf of the delegation in front of all the people who happened on a holiday in Kuala Lumpur delivered a negative" — she wrote in its official comments.

However, as noted Wednesday Rõivas met with Catherine and spoke to her for two hours. Rivas asked the woman, as well as a journalist (in a telephone conversation) not to call the article names.2.*

The politician also issued an official statement in which he partially admitted his connection with the scandal at the party. "In articles published today I, along with other accused of obscene behaviour during a recent visit to Singapore and Malaysia. It is true that one of the members of the party have had personally to my behavior, and I'm sorry if I hurt anybody's feelings. I personally met this woman, apologized and settled a misunderstanding," said Rõivas.

"Despite the fact that the memories of the parties on the incident do not match, this does not detract from the fact that some people feel the event is bad. I once again on my own behalf and on behalf of the delegation I apologize to all who felt in connection with the incident at the festival bad. I also ask forgiveness from their wives and children, which all this, of course, hurts. We agreed with the parties that we will not speculate regarding the described names and events, and I respect this arrangement".

Taavi Rõivas Prime Minister of Estonia in March 2014 and stayed in this position for two and a half years. He became one of the youngest heads of state in the world at the time of approval on the post Ryves was 35 years old. In August 2017 Rivas married to pop singer Louise Wark.