According to experts, if on 23 June the British will vote for "Brickset" that can be "marked devaluation" of the Euro currency.

"We hear from many institutional investors, not least from the Asian region, what are they then start hard to get rid of the attachments in the Eurozone. They fear the spread of infection," — said an analyst at German investment company Union Investment Frank Engels.

The negative scenario assumes that following the UK's withdrawal from the EU or the Eurozone will speak more countries (high degree antiabrasion sentiment now recorded, for example, in Sweden). It destabilizie the situation, investors will begin to actively sell the assets in Euro, which will trigger a new round of debt crisis in the Eurozone.

According to experts, a possible British exit from the EU could also undermine trade ties within the block, and this term will in the near future to put pressure not only on the British currency, but the Euro.

As reported, a sharp depreciation of the British currency was observed after the statement of the mayor of London Boris Johnson's readiness to support the country's withdrawal from the EU.

A referendum on the future participation of Britain in the European Union scheduled for June 23.