The study of the Bank of Latvia has shown that student performance does not depend on socio-economic indicators of the region, the technical equipment of the school or the nationality of pupils — the most important aspects are the size of the school and, as a consequence, the occupancy of classes and teachers ' salaries.

"If the school is small, it is more difficult to complete the workload of teachers," said Svekis.

Due to low salaries the school is unable to attract teachers, especially the young, resulting in a decrease in the interest of learning.

"You need to give up their ambitions and think about the children and about the future of their state", — said the representative of the Bank of Latvia.

In his opinion, the savings due to the optimization of the school network, can be directed to teachers ' salaries. "And then we will have motivated teachers, will increase the interest in the work of teachers, and there is no such pit as now," — said the economist.