As reported by with reference to the EC representation in Lithuania, Lithuania proposed 98,37 million euros, Latvia - 6,951 million Euro, and Estonia - 5.15 million euros.

The EC announced on Friday that suggested in the framework of the European instrument infrastructure networks to invest 2.7 billion euros in 152 transport project. Most of the funds - 1.8 billion euros - will go to the development of the railway network of Europe.

The proposed decision on financing of 6 July to approve the EU member States, members of the Committee for the coordination of the European infrastructure networks. It is planned that the EC will take a formal decision at the end of July.

Lithuanian Railways in February reported that the total requested amount of funding is EUR 313.3 million, of which 140.3 million euros expected to get Lithuania - the money was supposed to go to the equipment of the railway with a length of 46.7 km between Kaunas and Panevezys and the equipment of engineering networks.

In the past two years on the project Rail Baltica through a joint venture has been allocated a total of 633 million euros, of which coming in Lithuania, the work had to about 203 million euros, 106 million Euro - directly to Lithuanian Railways. According to estimates, the total cost of the project Rail Baltica in the Baltic States will amount to 5.8 billion euros.