egoCOMPASS – this is the most serious approach to the clarification of desires, abilities, talents and needs of adolescents and adults. Career test egoCOMPASS – this in-depth personality analysis and recommendations for professional growth in the future. The distinguishing feature of the career test egoCOMPASS – after receiving the results is individual counseling with a professional career consultant who will analyze and discuss the result, and recommend where to seek additional information and what can be your further steps.

Career test egoCOMPASS suitable for pupils aged 15 who want to learn, what kind of career they can become outstanding specialists, as well as for adults who want to find new field of activities. To achieve professional heights future career you need to plan in a timely manner – preferably in elementary school. Timely choice can help to avoid situations in which the decision about further studies have to be made at the end of the 12th grade, at the same time worrying about exams.

Career test egoCOMPASS available in Russian and English languages. The next group is 18 may! To register, send an email to [email protected] or call 67334428. The number of places is limited!

Teats passed – what's next?
Career test egoCOMPASS – this is only the first step to an outstanding career in the future. The second step is the choice of suitable educational institutions and educational programs. Those young people who want to make a really brilliant career, and to master the in demand worldwide of specialty, it makes sense to study abroad. The company's specialists personalized education egoPERFECTUS, using the original diagnostic methods and determine the best conditions of study and will help to find the most suitable school and the program.

Secondary and higher education abroad gives invaluable opportunities in the future. This allows you to absorb knowledge with teachers working in a specific industry, an internship in the best companies in the industry and establish valuable contacts with future professionals from all over the world, and also to get international experience and see new opportunities of personal and professional development.

egoPERFECTUS – new player in the Latvian education market
Approach egoPERFECTUS education opens up new opportunities in the Latvian education market due to the individual approach to selection of educational programs abroad and on language teaching and learning. The company's activity is based on the belief that the success of modern man is inseparable from his individuality and uniqueness. Only individualized education can help everyone to discover and develop these qualities, to determine the exact goals of education and become an outstanding personality.

Among the services egoPERFECTUS everyone will find something to their liking:

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