In conversation with children it was found that neither got out of the apartment on the ground floor through the window. Police checked housing and found that the door was locked. Because the neighbors did not know who the boy's mother and where she is, police broke into the house through the window.

In the apartment they found the documents that established the identity of the children. In the house there was no food, only bread, which was kept on a shelf where children couldn't reach.

Because the family lived at the address relatively recently, and none of the neighbors anything about it did not know, it was decided to transfer to hungry children under the guardianship of the staff of the Talsi crisis centre.

The boy's mother searched all night and found that she was only on the morning of 14 August the next time you visit. Only from the police 26-year-old mother learned what happened before and where her children. The case was referred to the children's court.

Police thanked the concerned citizens who saw the children left behind, and immediately reported to the police may prevent a tragedy.