He explained that it is his personal opinion and he doesn't want that any advice or something to put pressure on the British. Trump believes that the migration crisis in Europe is largely due to the actions of the EU. It is because of this issue, the UK would be better out of the Union.

Trump has previously considered the possibility that the UK leaves the EU. He also criticized President Barack Obama for what he called the British to leave the European Union.

At the end of April in the Daily Telegraph newspaper had published a column of Barack Obama in which he explains what are the benefits of UK membership in the EU. During your visa to Britain, Obama said that the country's withdrawal from the EU could complicate trade relations with the United States. Obama's statement drew criticism from many British politicians.

23 June in the UK held a referendum in which the British have to decide whether to stay in the EU or leave the Union.

At the end of last year, the British Parliament discussed the proposal to officially ban the Trump entry, but chose not to. To hold an open debate on the subject of MPs forced to petition for a day which gathered more than 250 thousand signatures after the appeals policy to prohibit Muslims from entering the United States.