As reported earlier, White house officials, while the US know of a suitable building in Jerusalem, at the Embassy, so the move could take years. Thus the President on the one hand announced the assignment for the state Department to begin the process of moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, but at the same time, notified Congress about the postponement of the transfer of the Embassy for another six months. All US presidents, including trump, sign this document every six months since then, in 1995 Congress adopted the decision on the transfer of the Embassy.

The status of Jerusalem is one of the most acute issues in relations between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Israel considers Jerusalem its capital but the Palestinians believe that East Jerusalem is the capital of their future state. The United States became the first country to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel since the founding of the state in 1948.

Why now?

The analysis of the correspondent Bi-bi-si with the U.S. Department of state Barbara, Platt Asher:

During the election campaign, trump has repeatedly promised to move the Embassy. And now it looks like trump does exactly that, it's just fulfilling its promise. According to representatives of the White house, trump thus only captures the reality of Jerusalem, in his opinion, and so serves as the capital of Israel. According to diplomats, the decision relating to Jerusalem not change U.S. policy against Israel's borders. In addition, remains the status quo in the matter of the Temple mount.

Jordan and Saudi Arabia warned trump that his move could seriously complicate the situation in the region and the Muslim world in General. It is unlikely that trump plans to use this step in peace negotiations, because according to representatives of the White house, trump is not going to comment, at least publicly, in support of the principle of "two States for two peoples".

It seems that the Palestinians get nothing. Quite possibly, there is a far-reaching strategy, but most likely trump just wants to please his Pro-Israel-minded voters.

Why the move is causing so much talk?

The status of Jerusalem is directly linked to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian authority, which is supported by other Arab States and the Islamic world. This city, especially its Eastern part, is considered sacred to three religions — Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

Israel occupied the area during the middle East war of 1967 and considers the city an inseparable part of its territory. The Palestinians consider East Jerusalem the capital of their future state.

According to the peace Treaty of 1993, the final status of the city were to be discussed at the next stages of the peace negotiations. Israel's right to Jerusalem was not recognized by the international community. All countries, including the closest ally of Israel — the USA — have their offices in tel Aviv.

Since 1967 Israel has built in East Jerusalem, dozens of neighborhoods, which is now home to about 200 thousand Israelis. The settlements are considered illegal under international law, although Israel disputes this.

If the US officially recognizes Jerusalem the Israeli capital, this will cause a conflict with the international community. In addition, this decision will strengthen the position of Israel regarding the legality of settlements in East Jerusalem. This solution will also raise the question of how the US will behave in relation to the UN resolutions on this issue. The US has a veto that can be used in the further discussion of the actions of the Israeli government in the East of the city.

As explained by the representatives of the administration, trump would be ready to "support the principle of "two States for two peoples," provided that if the two sides — Israelis and Palestinians — will agree. The boundaries of Jerusalem and Israel should be reconciled within the framework of a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, said the administration.

What was the reaction of other countries?

U.S. allies in the middle East reacted aggressively to the trump plans to announce the status of Jerusalem. Jordan, under supervision, which are all Islamic shrines in the city, warned that trump will entail serious consequences. At the initiative of Jordan convened an emergency meeting of the Arab League and the organization of Islamic cooperation. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the head of the League, stated that the U.S. action will contribute to the growth of fanaticism and cruelty.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned trump that he crosses the "red line" for all Muslims. "Mr. Trump! Jerusalem is a red line for Muslims. We can go so far as to break diplomatic ties with Israel over this issue," Erdogan said during his televised speech on Tuesday. Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag described the situation as a huge disaster that will destroy the fragile peace and lead to new conflicts.

The President of the Palestinian national authority Mahmoud Abbas called on world leaders to intervene in the situation. "This US decision would negate the peace process and destabilizie the situation in the region," he said.

For decades the US was involved in peace negotiations. The administration of the tramp and is now working on a new draft peace agreement. But the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will lead to the fact that Washington will lose its position in the eyes of the Palestinians.