New project attractive close-knit community of tenants
"When a year ago we bought an apartment here, you were one of the first tenants. Once on the portal for moms, I met one of his neighbors. Word for word, and we decided that we should get acquainted with other neighbors. So we created the social network Facebook a group of like-minded people from your house" — so rezanka ILGA risinājumu darbnīca-Musterman begins the story about the community of tenants — one of the most cohesive in the country. ILGA itself had chosen an apartment in this house for a relatively low price and high quality of construction. And now, the community residents Salnas 21 attracting new members who appreciate the friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to meet so many neighbors.

The tradition — celebration of the land
The more residents moved to a new place of residence, the more it became a band. Therefore, it seemed logical organization of the celebration of the yard, which would allow the neighbors to meet in person. "The first event was attended by about 40 people, and we have noted in the introduction to five in the morning," Imants Kreslins, one of the first tenants, is still talking about this unforgettable event with a smile.

Over time, many of the neighbors just became best friends, helped each other with moving in, sharing the addresses of good places to buy building materials and furniture, recommended by the best masters. If someone suddenly needed help to carry the furnishings or to borrow tools, "salovci" did not hesitate to use the group to Facebook, to reach out to the neighbors.

"I myself have many times come to the aid of new neighbors. If asked, the tips were generous because in the field of repair and improvement of the apartment has accumulated a solid experience" — it does not hide that he really likes reigns in the house a friendly atmosphere. It is appreciated and other neighbors, so now the community group has more than 230 participants, and their number is constantly growing. The new tenants know about the existence of the group of placed in the entrance of the ads, and they were happy to take her. Imants says that many new owners of the apartments bought the property in Salnās 21 on the recommendation of friends already living there.

Familiar neighbors, ready to help
A large part of the residents know almost all the neighbors in your body. Really like the Sanita Ozolina who had lived in an apartment building in the neighborhood, which was built in Soviet times: "In the previous apartment we lived for many years, but knew only those with whom you lived door to door. There was not even customary to greet, to say nothing of long conversations. Here we met many neighbors and got good friends".

"Salnova" have a lot of stories about life and cooperation. They babysit for each other