How explained to Agency LETA Chairman of the trade Union Inga Vanaga, in the legal office she addressed last week in the framework of free legal aid. On Friday an email with a link to the conclusion of Sorainen was sent to the Prime Minister Marisa Kuchinskisa, factions of the Saeima, the Ministry of education and science , higher education Council, rectors ' Council.

The Union insists that the process of elimination RPIVA does not meet the regulations, but the Ministry of education and science to the opinion of the trade Union did not listen, therefore, prepared the establishment of lawyers.

Lpro requests to suspend the liquidation of the University and to see the conclusion of Sorainen.

The Ministry decided to join RPIVA to the University of Latvia with the purpose of "concentration of resources and more effective use of budgetary funds". The rector of the Academy Dinah Voight finds this argument unfounded, as about one million will only need to pay compensation to employees for unused vacation, severance pay and unemployment benefits.

Also about 20 thousand euros will be required to pay as a penalty for termination of the lease of the premises in Bauska. In addition, there will be administrative costs when changing details, student identity, etc. a Few thousand euros will have to pay to employees of local governments, Academy, Latvian University (LU), Ministry of education and science (MES) for the provision of those changes.

In the course of the reorganization will also need about 40 thousand euros to acquire databases that use students RPIVA.