Men choose different models of swimming trunks. Of course, not so much as female swimwear, but here at desire it is possible to get confused. The type of cut it is possible to allocate following models of men's swimming trunks:

Classic briefs and slips is the most popular and common model. The classical melting of a universal, moderately open, convenient, comfortable sit and allow a man to feel confident. There are more tight options, and more spacious. The height of the waist classic bottoms can be regular (bikini style), low and ultra-low. Melting-slips attach the legs and buttocks sporty texture. It is a classic swimming trunks, made of special fabrics, often chosen by professional athletes.

Tight bottoms in short shorts (boxers) can also be different in length. Such bottoms allow to emphasize the dignity of the figure, they are very comfortable. These bottoms often contain a decorative finish, for example, Darts or additional seams.

There is a free version of the bottoms-Bermuda shorts. They usually have bright color and additional pockets. This type of beachwear suitable men, having a not very satisfactory form the legs, plump buttocks and those who wish to divert attention away from beer belly.

Bermuda is ideal for a beach holiday and swimming in the ponds, in such short, wearing a t-shirt, to go to the city or beach café.

For lovers of freedom below the waist fit and a shorter version of this beachwear. Such melting of the "boxers" also usually are bright colors.

And the last option, the most extreme — men's g-string. Such bottoms are not much different from women's bathing thongs, but wearing them suggest only a very narrow circle of admirers.

So what are the options of men's swimming trunks women find most attractive and Vice versa?

Christine Damon, costume designer: "I like loose,short swim-shorts — they look manly. Annoying excessive crimping causal space. Don't know what the man meant, but such melting even look uncomfortable."

Anita Puzule, champion and coach of bodybuilding, "I Think part of men are not aware of how great importance is the fact that they are on the beach. Always nice to see a man dressed adequately and tastefully. Personally, I'm annoyed by those representatives of the stronger sex that can fit in a tiny, tight pussy! Leave it to the bodybuilders for their competitions! Yes, and "overripe" uncle shorts for surfers also do not look particularly attractive. For a more classic swimming shorts of medium length. The color can be neutral. Colorful shorts and let them stay in Hawaii!"

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