• Disney was accused of spying on kids via mobile app

  • The California resident Amanda Rushing accused Disney of the surveillance of children with the help of mobile applications and filed a lawsuit. According to her, more than 40 company-owned programs, illegally collecting information about underage users. Disney responded to the accusations, stating that will meet in court.

    The California resident Amanda Rushing (Amanda Rushing) have accused the Disney company in the surveillance of minors with the help of mobile applications and filed a lawsuit. It is reported by Fox News.

    Rizhing caught Disney in violation of the law on the protection of children's privacy online (COPPA) enacted in the USA in 1998. As noted in the lawsuit, more than 40 company-owned apps illegally collecting information about underage users.

    "COPPA imposes certain requirements on the administration of the services designed for children under 13 and collect their personal data," said the woman.

    According to her, in apps Disney allegedly has a special "bugs." They collect user's information such as geographic location, browser history and personal data for advertising purposes then sell to third parties.

    Disney representatives responded to the accusations, saying that the company maintain a rigorous approach to data collection and comply with American law. "The lawsuit is based on a complete misunderstanding of the COPPA, and we look forward to see you in court," said they.


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