Go to Disneyland — where, if not here, it is possible to release the inner child and not be afraid that in the morning? To fly across the ocean to journey into the world of Mickey mouse and Scrooge McDuck longer needed: in France, the amusement Park has been around for 25 years. For the year it is visited by over 12 million people. It is not surprising that the work of the staff of Disneyland, many consider a dream of every working day takes place in the atmosphere of the holiday, instead of scowling colleagues and a demanding boss – tens of thousands of happy faces of visitors, free rides, cotton candy and much more. However, there are also many pitfalls.


Before becoming part of the team Disneyland, potential employees are trained. And Yes, Disney University actually exists. However, this is not an accredited school, but the knowledge gained here, once it is clear where to apply. The whole program aims to introduce future members to the specifics of Disneyland and to familiarize them with existing rules.

You can not "not know"

Диснейленд: что скрывается за сказочным фасадом?
Foto: AFP/Scanpix/LETA

Employees of Disneyland have to know everything about an amusement Park, location, attractions and entertainment. The specificity of the profession requires either a lightning-to answer the question of visitors, or immediately find it. Sometimes you have to call the operator for information.


The company has a strict policy against the manifestation of personality in the glasses. Employees are strictly forbidden to wear accessories overly bright colors and strange forms. Also on the glasses should not be a logo of the brand. Employee of the amusement Park needs to blend in with the crowd, and in any case not to stand out.2.*


Диснейленд: что скрывается за сказочным фасадом?
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Manicure at Disneyland, too, under the ban, the rule is even spelled out in Disney's Style. No crazy colors of nail Polish or long nails, so popular in past seasons, the Park employee simply cannot afford. Women's nails should be no longer than a quarter of an inch from the fingertips. And exceptions in this rule does not exist.


Depending on the employee's role within the company, he receives certain requirements to the hairstyle. This is due to the fact that the style of the actor Disneyland needs to match the character he plays. So one of the requirements of the new job may well be hair coloring in green or pink.


It is no wonder that Disneyland has rules about facial hair of employees working in the role of actors. So, mustaches and beards should be neatly trimmed. In addition, the moustache should not pass the lips or corners of the mouth.

Tattoos and piercings

Диснейленд: что скрывается за сказочным фасадом?
Foto: Pixabay

Strict rules in Disney's Style includes a ban on tattoos and piercings. Hide them under the clothes also will not work. By the way, the rules affect the sensors for ears and implants. The company wants its participants were similar to perfect citizens in their immaculate Park.

Your language

The actors Disneyland has its own language, which is a bit like the action on the stage. It often helps to avoid unpleasant situations. For example, the word "sick" to say the Park is strictly prohibited. To do this, the Disneyland resort introduced the term Code V, which helps the cleaners to respond immediately to occurred trouble.


Before becoming a full-fledged actor of the troupe of Disneyland will need to work on my handwriting. The fact that the idea is all the characters have to sign the same. Otherwise, children may suspect a trick, and to doubt the reality of your favorite characters.

No contact with the media

Диснейленд: что скрывается за сказочным фасадом?
Foto: AP/Scanpix/LETA

The cast is strictly forbidden to discuss their position or role in the team Disney in social networks. So you are unlikely to find complaints or personal stories about the experience of working here because the company has a strict policy against social networking.

Selling lost things

Thousands of Park visitors annually lose something during the entertainment. If the owner is not found within a certain time, sell the thing. And the money donates to charity.


Another little secret of the Park is associated with the odors. To further expand the circle of visitors, Disneyland Park fills special flavors. The aroma not only covers the smells of garbage, and makes a good impression on visitors.