Sports arbitration court in Lausanne found that the player took illegal funds purposefully, but was the victim of a bug. The basis for this decision were detailed documents and expert testimony.

In July of this year it became known that one of the doping samples 36-year-old striker of the Kazan club, taken during the KHL championship, gave a positive result. In the sample of star striker was discovered stimulants, diuretics and masking agents. In the body, Zaripova found pseudoephedrine and gidrokhlorisiazit. Pseudoephedrine stimulates the brain, reduces the need for sleep, increases concentration and clears the mind.

The duration of the disqualification Zaripova has been associated with the use of hydrochlorothiazide, which belongs to a class of diuretics, or diuretics — they help to mask the use of doping: quickly eliminate it from the body. The presence of bundles of the two substances suggests the conclusion that the player knew about the doping and deliberately tried to get rid of traces of it.

In the summer of Danis Zaripov has returned from "Magnitogorsk" "AK bars" and signed a two-year contract for 260 million rubles. After the news about the two-year disqualification of his contract with the Kazan team was terminated.

According to "Sport-Express", Danis Zaripov before the change of the club knew that he was removed from the game. He was notified about the positive results of doping tests "A" and "b" and a two-year disqualification in may, and the July 7, signed a contract with the Kazan club for two years.

Over the last four seasons Zaripov played for Magnitogorsk "metallurg" in the current season came back in "AK bars", which signed a contract for two years. Star striker is the only four-time winner of the Gagarin Cup (2009-2010 — with "AK Bars", in 2014 and 2016 — with "Magnitogorsk").

Last season in 56 matches of the regular championship KHL, he scored 45 (16 29) points, and in 18 games in the playoffs — 22 (15 7) points. "Magnitogorsk" has reached the final of the Gagarin Cup, losing to SKA St. Petersburg. Just on account of Zaripova in the NHL — 565 (254 311) points in 603 games.