According to Brennan, the materials are just preliminary conclusions, made in 2002. They were later refined and updated. He stressed that there is a combination of correct and incorrect data that showed recent analysis report. No evidence that the Saudis were involved in terrorist attacks, in fact was not, said the Director of the CIA.

Brennan expressed concern that in the case of publishing classified material "can someone grab this unverified information" that would jeopardize the important relationships between Washington and Riyadh.

"Our relations with Saudi Arabia is very durable. Thus is the situation in the economic sphere, political, military and exploration".

Recall, we are talking about 28 pages published in 2003 a report on the investigation into the tragedy, which were hidden from the public.

It is assumed that this part of the report dealt with "the Saudi trace" in terrorist attacks. The declassification of information may lead to the adoption of the legislative act allowing families of victims to bring claims against other countries, which, presumably, could provide support to terrorists.

Last week, former U.S. Senator Bob Graham said that the decision on the publication of the report will be taken by the administration of President by June. "I hope that this decision will be respectful of American citizens," Graham emphasized.

In Saudi Arabia itself, these conversations are extremely irritable. Riyadh, in particular, has threatened to sell off in response to their U.S. assets worth about $ 750 billion, to avoid a possible freeze.