Director and teacher of the Latvian language 6th Jelgava secondary school Ilze Aridane told LETA that the transition from bilingual learning to teaching in the Latvian language was sufficient, so students learned to perceive the educational material only in Latvian. In her opinion, problems with a further transfer of schools to the Latvian language of training will not.

However, the Director acknowledged that difficulties may arise from individual teachers, but the knowledge of state language at a sufficient level is a problem every teacher.

Director and math teacher 5th Jelgava secondary school Natella Selishcheva told that the school is sufficiently high the results of centralized examinations, examination in the Latvian language, the students also passed better than in the rest of Jelgava schools.

"It is a pity that politics is more important than the quality of education, but the state is controlled by politicians," she said.

Selishcheva sure that the students can master the material in Latvian, but she believes that in the primary school need to keep bilingual education, because learning the native language easier, and compulsory education in Latvian might create discomfort.

The Director believes that the loyalty of students can be facilitated through a variety of activities, tours, talks about the history. "We live in Latvia and we should know the Latvian, however, that children grow up loyal to the state, they should not feel worse due to the fact that they can't do something because of the language barrier," said the Director.