Nikolay and Oksana is amazingly bright and loving couple. Little family Afanasievich lives in ķekava parish, in a small house outside the city. They moved here seven years ago, sold his apartment in Riga, to be closer to nature. Nicholas with his own hands turned the house into a cozy family nest.

Next year will be 30 years Nikolay and Oksana got married. In 1988, the year they met, when Oksana, rezanka, went with the girlfriend in the Pskov region, where the grandmother lived. There she met Nicholas, to never part. Now they have a grown son who also lives with them.

When in the fall of 2016 Nicholas went to the doctor to check for inflamed lymph node under my arm, I didn't expect to hear nothing. He always followed the health, lived without bad habits — in short, anything that could be obvious reason. The diagnosis was a shock — melanoma. In one minute the world Nicholas collapsed...

For reviews of friends, Nicholas — cheerful, kind and sympathetic person, a very good friend. Always ready to help. While he himself, when he found himself in a critical situation, it was difficult to overcome yourself, to ask for help. Not wanting to ship their problems. But of course, without the help of people they need.

Nicholas wants to see get married son and see our grandchildren. To disease and disability he was the driver of the international bus and loves his job. Today to work day and night for two accounts Oksana.

Doctors believe that in the case of Nicholas, there are life-saving medicine — a Council appointed him to the course of the new Swiss drug Zelboraf (Vemurafenibum), which blocks and stops the development of melanoma. The price of drugs — 51 432 euros for the annual course. Every other month, Nicholas must pay from 7346 to 9184 euros. In fact, it's the price of living.

Charity telephone 90006383 works for Nicholas until August 15. The cost of the call — 1.42 EUR.

In the Fund open SPECIAL ACCOUNT help Nicholas. All funds from this account without any deductions, will go directly to pay for the medication.

To help Nikolai Afanasyev, you can also direct transfer:

Fonds "", registration number: 40008078226


Account number — LV95HABA0551006150241

Goal — St. John's Help Centre Nikolajam Afanasjevam

Charity program "Green light" developed in collaboration with the Foundation supported by the Fund of Boris and Inara Teterev.