So, what you need to bear in mind, if you want to stay with a partner for many years?

1. The renegotiation of the contract (unwritten and not always fully spoken),giving the illusion that the original match, unwitting pledges, add-ons can remain without major changes and awareness.

2. Humor, teasing each other and distance, achieved flexibility not only in the everyday successes that suit each other, but also finding unexpected points of view, deterioration through the joke and irony.

3. The success of each of something unique and recognition of others. The measure and proportion of dependence — independence. That is, the resonance with each other in several unexpected axes, often not noticeable to others. For example, it is well relieves stress of attending, but nothing without asking, and not demanding of attention when he comes home wound up. How people form a "vestibule and the transition" from one state to another.

4. Resistance pair to the inevitable surrounding platitudes and averaging, for example the glamorous requirements of youth, thinness and generally "alignment at the picture" (which is always a stranger). That is, the feeling of a pair of "we not quite the same as all", and help each other in the search for this originality.

5. Help in small ways, for example, he gets the best definition of events and the lens for a look at a number of things, and she's proud of and sometimes to ridicule his decision, made casually and on the fly.

6. Active physical contact, touch and looks, that is their particular space. This includes the ability to cultivate smells and sensations, pleasant, often coming from childhood. For example, she is able to fry the potatoes just like he loved once, and for him to bring her flowers and to understand her attachment to smells.

7. Knowledge and evolving sexual preferences, the proportion of maintenance habits and the introduction of novelty, "we are" and "life is not stopped".

8. The right to the loneliness of the other and letting go of the "leash". The opportunity to leave and leave, right to return, thumbs up. The pulse relationship, and not fixed in rigid rules.