The boy, who by law, too young even to register in the social network, found a bug in it that allows you to delete comments of other users.

As stated in the statement of the company Facebook, which owns the service, the defect was quickly eliminated. Soon after this, Jani received his prize.

The boy discovered the vulnerability of the social network in February, as reported by its owners. For it was created a special test account, using which the boy is proved that the defect in the system of network security do exist.

As Jani said in an interview with Finnish reporters, he wants to spend the prize Fund on a new bike, sports equipment and computers for their brothers.

Company Facebook under bug bounty program pays out reward to all who will find vulnerabilities or flaws in its products. Yani became the youngest user who received such a prize. All in all since the finder of the bugs users were paid more than $ 4 million