In January, deputies received salaries for 889 199 Euro in February of 195 095 euros, reported LETA the press service of the Parliament.

The amount includes salary, health benefits, additional payments to the chairmen and Vice chairmen of the factions, chairmen, Deputy chairmen and secretaries of commissions and subcommissions, members of the Presidium of the Sejm.

Has received in the last month Gunnar koutris (NSL) is 2950 euros, Einar Latkovskis ("Unity") is 2919 euros. Kutris Deputy Secretary of the Sejm, Deputy Chairman of the faction of No sirds Latvijai, head of the Subcommittee on criminal law policy. Latkovskis heads the Committee on defense, internal Affairs and struggle against corruption and is the Secretary of the credentials Committee.

The least was member of the Roman legeckis (NSL) - 270 euros.

In addition to salaries, deputies receive compensation for the costs of transportation and rental apartments.