The Chairman of the Committee on security, order and prevention of corruption of the Riga city Council Dainis turlais notes that the taxi transport is probably the most disordered in the state.

"An excessively large number of carriers leads to uncontrolled competition, resulting in conflicts for attraction of clients between taxi drivers and the companies they represent, and greatly enhanced opportunities for quality control of transportation. The field of taxi passenger transport is also a shining example of the shadow economy — two of the company's total fleet which has 200 machines in a year in taxes they pay more than all other carriers on 1700 taxis, for the most part have a monthly turnover ranging from 0 to 30 euros," said turlais.

The government will urge the Ministry of transport to prepare amendments to the law "On road transport", providing that the issuance of special permits (licenses) is administered by the 9 Republican cities and regions planning, separately specifying that the license is issued in the planning region does not give the right to carry out passenger taxi transport in the cities of Republican, and Vice versa — special permit (license) issued in the Republican cities does not give the right to carry out passenger taxi transportation services to the territories of the planning regions.

The law should also specify that the car, which provide passenger taxi transport, should be in the ownership or leasing of the person providing the service, and the age of all vehicles on which the shipment may not exceed three years or the manufacturers ' warranty period from the date of first registration.

But most importantly, where to start, is to develop the definition of what is "taxi" to taxi transportation you could not use cars with white government license plates.