Ushakov in facebook commented on the actions of cirsis: "the Deputy from Unity Vilnis Kirsis wrote today in my statement to the security Police. It requires that the caricature that Latvia with Russia might require 185 000 000 000 Euro compensation had been instituted proceedings under the article 74.1. The penalty is up to 5 years.

If you get bit by a vampire you become a vampire. Here I think, and who bites them all?"

As reported, VL-TB/LNNK believes that the mayor of Riga should apologize for published social media joke about the damage caused to Latvia by the Soviet occupation.

"To joke about the horrors of Soviet occupation as shameless as over the Holocaust. Latvian citizens and especially political victims deserve an apology from a politician," said co-chair of the national Association Raivis Dzintars.

Last week Ushakov published in social networks a caricature of a cyclist, who himself broke a wheel, but requires compensation in the amount of 185 billion euros from Russia. This amount, called the Commission on the calculation of the damage inflicted by the Soviet occupation of Latvia.

According to Ushakov, he did not consider it proper to seek in history the roots of the current problems, but also to spend money on the damages from the events of the past instead of investing them in the 'here and now' tasks, for example, in medicine or education.

"It's sad to watch, as in the situation when Latvia has so many problems, for example, in health and education, publicly still as a justification for our challenges mentioned historical events. And it is sad to see how resources are spent on the calculation of compensation for past, not on developing concepts of the future. This picture I wanted to say that we can't look back, you gotta look to the future. I'm just glad if it provoked a discussion," said the mayor.