According to the Deputy, the Latvian special services for nothing get paid. "Instead of thank you all for such activity, they have made, including me, in its annual report as a kind of Scarecrow to the national security, stupid," said rabbit..

The MP said that in 2020 over the financing from the EU structural funds and there is no clarity on whether it will continue. In the "war of sanctions" the decline in industrial production in Latgale became apparent, therefore, ought on the contrary to look for connections with representatives of Russian business, establishing for this a normal relationship.

In the report, PB was named the most prominent activists implementing Russian compatriots policy in Latvia is the leader of the anti-fascists Joseph Koren, head of the Institute for European studies, Alexander Gaponenko, head of the society "Congress of non-citizens" Elizabeth Krivtsov, the representative of the society "Pen" Margarita dragileva and activist Bronislav Zeltserman, member of Daugavpils city Council Yury Zaitsev. Also includes Pro-Kremlin activists Vladimir Linderman and Yevgeni Osipov, who for compensation prepare publications for the Russian media propaganda, says PB.