"I'm not involved in this matter," he said. As informs RIA "news" referring to the statement of the investigator in the Basmanny court, brother of the alleged organizer of the terrorist attack in the subway of St. Petersburg Abror Azimov Akram gave his statement.

"In the course of interrogation as a suspect Asimov said that he and his brother had committed acts that contributed to the explosion", — quotes Agency the statement of the investigator.

Akram the decision of the Basmanny court of Moscow was remanded in custody until June 3. SKR have found out that Akram Asimov was contacted by a suicide bomber in Akbarzada by Jalilova and transferred to him the money received from the member of the international terrorist organization (name not specified).

"In addition, Azizov was engaged in falsification of documents to members of this organization were able to move freely on the territory of Russia", — said the judge Elena Lenskaya.

The circumstances of the detention of Ekrem Asimov remain unclear. Before the younger brother suspects Bilal said to "Interfax" that took him away from the hospital, where he was scheduled for surgery to remove a cyst in the brain, as a suspected accomplice of a terrorist attack. After that, FBS announced the arrest of Akram Asimov in the village of Moscow in Moscow.

The mother of the defendants in the case about the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg calls the arrest of the eldest son of "staging"

Wazir Asimov, mother suspected of organizing the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg natives of Kyrgyzstan and Akram was Asimovich claims that her eldest son Akram was kidnapped from a hospital in Osh, reported today by the "Interfax".

Son "stole from the hospital" intelligence officers, said in a statement Azimboi. "He didn't have money for a ticket, had no passport, this is an obvious statement, I want justice," she said. The state Committee for national security does not comment on statements.

Younger brother of alleged terrorists Bilal said "Interfax" that Akram in Russia was provided a lawyer, but the relatives are going to hire a private defender because you do not believe in his guilt.

Earlier it was reported that on 15 April to Akram Asimov came to the hospital, the staff of the State Committee for national security (SCNS) of Kyrgyzstan and took him away supposedly for interrogation, after which the family reported him missing. The source in law enforcement bodies of Kyrgyzstan, the Agency confirmed that Akram was called in for questioning, but said that it was soon released. After this, the FSB announced the arrest, stating that he had found a grenade RGD-5.

3 APR the explosion of a homemade bomb in the train station in Saint-Petersburg, 14 people were killed, over 50 injured. The investigators believe that the bomb was detonated by a suicide bomber, a native of Kyrgyzstan, Akbarian Jalilov.

17 April, the FSB announced that the suspect in preparation of a suicide bomber 26-year-old Abror Azimov detained in Odintsovo district of Moscow region. Basmanny court of Moscow has sent him under arrest until the beginning of June. It is alleged that it was engaged in the preparation of the suicide bomber of the St. Petersburg metro Akbarjon Jalilova.

20 April FBS head Alexander Bortnikov said that the investigators failed to establish the identity of the customer of the attack, but no details, no name of the customer is not reported.