In 2017, the vernal equinox falls on Monday, March 20. This holiday is often confused with the summer Solstice, but on 20 March, the day is equal night, for which he received its name. On this day, the Slavs met the Sun — one of the most revered deities. Without the Sun there would be no life, because his worship was an integral part of many rituals.

Tradition, on the day of the vernal equinox

Traditional was the bonfire, a symbol of rebirth and purification. To the Sun was graciously and not hurt its bright rays of the summer harvest, the bonfire was lit with a magnifying glass. The beam directed to the center of the campfire, praising the life-giving warmth, begging for mercy not to send summer drought. Through burning bonfire, young and old, to get updated with solar energy and attract the good luck for the whole year.

Hostess early in the morning preparing the dough, which baked cookies in the form of figures of birds. The dough before the molding was put on the windowsill so the Sun helped him up even more. Before ready to eat food, they threw up high. So our ancestors charged them with life-giving energy. She is believed to have treated any disease, relieves depression and sent wealth and prosperity. One of the cookies was stored for years and used as medicine if someone in the household was ill.

Also on the spring equinox baked pancakes in large quantities. They symbolized fertility and well-fed carefree life. Mistress took the reddest damn, went to the door and bowed to the Sun, speaking to him words of gratitude for the warmth and tender attitude to crops and cattle.

Another interesting tradition was the gathering of the entire village to the noisy festivities. So Slavs chased away evil spirits, some of which hid and left after the retreat of the winter cold. In the evening of that day burned an effigy of winter, finally saying goodbye to the negativity and cold. Into the fire, whispering things I wanted to get rid of. It and disease and poverty and failure.

День весеннего равноденствия 20 марта 2017 года
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Signs of the day of the vernal equinox

All thoughts and words during the spring equinox should be focused on the positive. Negative thoughts in that mystical day when the boundaries between the worlds grew thin, could attract evil spirits, capable of inflicting significant damage.

Closely followed by weather. A warm spring night and the bright Sun in the afternoon was the indication that the frost has receded and is nearing the time of sowing.

Fun is compulsory, for how to spend this day, this will be all year. To be discouraged in this bright holiday is meant to be a self-fulfilling prophecy for his entire clan, so frequent in the villages was with the mummers, jesters and clowns.

At night, our ancestors tried to sleep and listened to the silence. It was believed that March 20, you can hear a particular Bang — so year break, breaks the line, after which comes summer. Those who heard this sound, was really lucky in life.

Sacred and revered days and now possess mystical properties. Thanks to them we can attract good luck, to change their destiny and to lay the foundations for a prosperous life. Use the knowledge accumulated over centuries, for their personal happiness.