According to the NRA, only ATP via bailiff was trying to recover from Mazulis 80 000 euros. As it turned out, a few years ago Mazulis in the framework of the rural development programmes received from SPS 023 56 euros, but the owner of the farm did not have a certificate to open biological production. Because the farmer had not complied with the terms of the contract, he must return the amount plus a penalty in the amount of 27 Euro 663. To date, the debtor was able to recover 61 000 euros.

We will remind, on may 6, 2016 in Velenje, on the farm "Gilles", belonging to Masulis, tragedy from electric shock in the tub of water killed his 19-year-old son and 22-year-old son of a friend. And on 11 October last year burned down the whole village. The police does not exclude that speech can go about malicious arson.

It is worth noting that in 1999, Dainis Matulis received 15 years in prison for blowing up his girlfriend. The investigation found that the woman was blown up by an improvised explosive. Masulis he pleaded guilty only in the manufacture and storage of explosives, but vehemently denied the murder charges.