Detained have not yet filed an income tax return for the year of 2015.

2014 Leimane debts decreased by Euro 2000.

In 2014, the SRS employee salary indicated 11 155 Euro and 136 Euro was the allowance.

At the disposal of the detained were two cars — Volkswagen Caravelle (1997 release) and Volkswagen Passat Variant (2002).

Besides Leimane was a Board member of the society Darbīgās rokas.

As previously wrote the portal DELFI, the Financial police arrested Leimane. She is suspected of organizing a criminal scheme with the return of value added tax (VAT), which involved three companies.

One of the partners arrested spent four years in prison for financial crimes. Employees of Financial police raided at the place of service and residence were detained. Found hard evidence.

In General, in this case conducted 37 searches in Riga, Cesis and Valmiera.

Head of Finance police Kaspars Podins told that the detained worked in the revenue office the state revenue service. Leimane could come up with laughter, how to circumvent the system risk analysis on the payment of taxes. The police suspects that the arrested was a key link in the diagram.

But even more surprising conclusions of Podina. He said in an interview with reporters that the crime was made possible because the tax office was a large gap on VAT return.

The only one who was familiar with the analysis system could circumvent the system. Police suspect that the criminal scheme operated from January 2013. And in three years none of the SRS do not have any suspicions.