According to the annual Declaration, the total income of Guntis belēvičs in 2015 amounted to 369 109 euros. 31 633 euros he earned as a Minister. 2941 Euro — interest in SIA Saules Aptieka, SIA Genera and paid dividends in the amount of 292 euros.

41 252 and 32 753 euros he received as a gift from my wife a Wii Too and son Arthur Belevich, respectively. Apparently — because he gave them half of apartments in Riga, a co-owner of which was in 2014. However, the main source of income of the Minister of health of Latvia in 2015 — € 260 238 percent from SIA Zemitāni, the scope of which is meat processing. Last year, according to data, it was transferred to the budget in taxes 192,4 thousand euros.

Wife Via the Belevitch — now ex. In 2015, announced Belevich divorced her. According to the Declaration, part of the divorce was a deal on debt reduction, OOO Zemitāni for the sum 1 344 669 euros. Eventually (and also taking into account the payment of the loan in the amount of about 200,000 euros) in 2014 Belevich should have been 4.4 million euros, in 2015 — only 2.7 million euros.

The second record deal Guntis belēvičs last year was the purchase of the apartment, furniture and equipment in the amount of EUR 1 680 142, 440 000 euros of which is separately specified in the Declaration — he has borrowed. As a result, if in 2014 the Minister of health, Latvia was not supposed, that in 2015 the purchase of an apartment and a divorce forced him to borrow two loans in the amount of 725 405 and 22 218 euros.

List of real estate Guntis belēvičs for the year did not change significantly. Important change he ceased to be a co-owner of two apartments in Riga, but became the master of the new housing in the capital. The list now looks like this:

  • Apartment in Riga