Now in the office for the protection of the Constitution (SAB) conducted a digitization database Delta on the Committee for State security (KGB) of the Soviet era. In the database there are reports of agents, and the registration card.

After two weeks, the database is scheduled to be transferred to the national archive of Latvia that it could work and scientific-research Commission investigating the activities of the KGB of the LSSR. The transfer of "de facto" became known that the new version of the electronic database will be available to the scientists in edited form: it will remove some of the information — perhaps the first and last names. But if scientists are not available all the data, the study cannot be conducted in full.

Member of the Commission of research of the Commission Kristine Arenovski is outraged by this fact: "Most historians laughs: how to be interesting to investigate, if we find out that one person "X" was found with another person "X" and agent "X" carried on person "X" head of Department "X".

Card file of agents of KGB and the database Delta of the KGB are in the premises of the Bureau for the protection of the Constitution. Scientists of the Commission to "bags of KGB" had no access since the establishment of the Commission. The security office requests to streamline access to state secrets (this would work in the office rooms) and subscribe to that special decision of the Cabinet not disclosed information of "bags of KGB". Scientists informed the Commission several times expressed its opinion: the requirements of the Bureau, it is considered unnecessary, because they (requirements) to seriously constrain scientific work.

Last year it was found a partial solution to the problem: a computer database Delta to digitize information for the national archives of Latvia, which will allow scientists to access the information outside of the Bureau for the protection of the Constitution. First there was funding problems, and later in cooperation with the Ministry of justice was allocated 40 000 euros. At the end of this year, scientists will finally be able to begin its work.

Earlier research Commission to study desalinate of the KGB of the Latvian SSR published a study Commission member Arthur Zvinklis in which the available item names of 120 security officers.

In their study Zvinklis included information on activities of the Central Committee of the Latvian Communist party, which was kept in the state Archives. Also in research included data on nomenclature the employees of people's Commissariat of internal Affairs LSSR people's Commissariat of state Security, Ministry of security, Ministry of interior and the KGB. The study shows the years of birth to law enforcement officers, their seniority in the security service and the Communist party, the title of the post, etc.

Found that of the 120 employees of the security agencies 67 were Russian, 39 — Latvians, 8 — Ukrainians, 4 Jews, one Armenian and Belarusian. On the social status of parents 50 came from families of peasants, 18 laborers, 12 — of the rich peasants, 29 — workers and other Higher education were 19 security personnel, higher — 18, average — 57, secondary — 13, elementary — 13.