According to the study, conducted in the spring of CSDD and the Agency for market and social research Latvijas Fakti, in Latvia more than half of the population (52,1%) often move around on the bike, and the bike as a daily vehicle uses 9.9% of the residents. With the onset of warm weather the number of cyclists is growing rapidly.

The campaign, "Courtesy unites!" Video encourages road users to respect each other, to get acquainted with the traffic rules and abide by them, and also to choose the most appropriate and safe place to move.

"Like the previous campaigns CSDD campaign "Courtesy unites!" we want to appeal to a wider audience and to encourage everyone to be polite and informed by the participant of traffic. Residents should understand that the road we're not alone, and our every action affects the rest of the movement, regardless of, you a pedestrian, cyclist or the driver of the car", — said the Chairman of the Board of CSDD Andris lukstins.

1 January 2016 entered into force new traffic Rules, which aim to improve road safety, with special attention paid to vulnerable road users. The new rules require cyclists to travel on dedicated infrastructure, but if no such fact on the roadway or, as an exception, on the sidewalk, where priority is given to pedestrians.

The study, conducted by Latvijas Fakti showed that 48% of cyclists prefer to ride on the roadway. Its advantages are convenience, speed and security. In particular, roadway traffic more predictable, and therefore more quickly and safely. On the sidewalk may suddenly encounter unexpected obstacles: from the gateway can pop out a child or a dog, a pedestrian can dramatically change the direction of motion.