The doctors immediately put an accurate diagnosis, it took almost a year. Initially thought that she had increased muscle tone, then what is the problem with the shoulder joint, which will help to correct massage and sessions with a physiotherapist. But after that, nothing much has changed: the right arm and leg were weaker than the left side. And when the girl went, it became clear that his right foot she kind of pulls to the left while walking.

Maria loves to touch toys in a big box and sometimes passionate about the game, she does not notice how it begins to take them a weak right hand. It's very good, because it means that you can develop that all is not lost!

What is the treatment of cerebral palsy in St. Petersburg brings good results, proved the case of the little boy Luke. He had symptoms similar to those of Mary, but after a trip to St. Petersburg, as noted by the mother of the boy, he practically ceased to fall while walking, his gait became solid, and now it can pass quite long distance. Luka helped the procedure of electrical stimulation of the spinal cord, which may be held and Mary.

Little Mary is lucky, because the disease expressed in the form of light, so let's give her a little luck that the disease had been conquered. Anyone who wants to help this lovely girl, please donate to her trip to St. Petersburg, where she will be consulted and doctors will take place a rehabilitation course.

By calling the telephone number 90006684, You will spend to 1.42 euros. Calling 90006560, You will sacrifice a large amount 4,27€.

To transfer funds as possible, using the following Bank account with the notation "Marija Plisko". To quickly and conveniently donate online

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