"My career was similar dramatic matches. I really wanted to win, but a little is not enough. When I played the bullet, it showed the shot, the goalkeeper fell to his knee, but did the splits, then I have nowhere to go. I wish the fate of such matches were decided by overtime, but the shootout is part of the game, anywhere from it will not disappear", — quotes the words of Daugavpilsa Championat.com.

"Hard to play, when 18 thousand driven opponent forward. Thanks to fans, the Germans again appeared emotions. It's not easy, but it's always nice to play in front of full stadium. We believed the whole game that can pull out a victory. Even at 0:2", — said the hockey player.

Daugavins said and the teamwork in this tournament: "for the First time in many years the national team of Latvia was so close-knit team. All four lines played exactly, every game we clawed, we were one. Except that with Russia have failed, she simply moved. With them never had a chance, but there still was affected by the fact that we kept in mind the next match with the Germans".

The captain of the national team of Latvia has expressed gratitude to the head coach and said that back home he is not ashamed after this championship.

"Big thanks to Bob Hartley, he taught us a different culture of hockey. Now home again is not a shame, it's really sad," said Daugavins.

I agree with the captain and returned after a year's pause for the national team Janis sprukts: "Hartley is a very good coach, pays attention to details, trying to we have added in moments. I did not decide, whether he will stay or not, but he has prepared us well for this world Cup. I think next year will again prepare well and everything will be fine. The result for the 2017 world Championships for Latvia? You always want the best. We aim to leave the group, but two did not have enough points".