"My childhood was spent outside! On the street where I could climb a tree and feel the adrenaline, to hide behind the wall of snow and to breathe the wind, play tag, ride a bike, listen to the laughter of friends, to play ball. And so — every day! I remember countless games: squares, dodgeball, tens, and we played hares and hunters," — said Dagmara.

The actress revealed that her favorite childhood game was "Cossacks-robbers". This game is different with passion and mystery. Dagmara remembered that to reveal the password was not and interrogation with tickling were the most hilarious moments of this game.

"If it was warm outside, we met under a canopy or at a friends house. We invented games and played them, played with dolls. And so until late in the evening — mum of ten or fifteen times called us home. We walked till night long the sun was setting. The next day everything starts from the beginning, — says the actress. — I can't even imagine a childhood without street games, ripped pants, skinned knees and smiles from ear to ear".

Children of Dagmara play the same games she played as a child. Her sons are cut in different kinds of tag with friends, and hide and seek they play with the whole family. "Thanks to the initiative Danonki www.milakaspele.lv, I remembered a couple of long-forgotten games, the same gum! It unites all girls from 1st to 12th grade. Today, we need to go to the store and buy a long rubber bands! I will try to show my daughters a couple of combinations, can be fun," said Dagmara.