According to Aspersa, the main problem related to tax evasion, is not connected with the registration of the car, and with diagrams that are rotated before the car is registered in Latvia, and also that violated the rules of car sales. In this connection it is necessary to ensure that declarations could not sell and buy vehicles that are not registered in Latvia.

"Any portal comes to mind is to sell drugs. You also need to apply to the trading of unregistered vehicles. May need new rules that would regulate trade on the Internet portals. Today to buy a car online at ad are allowed, however, urge residents to be careful and to buy only registered in Latvia machines," said Isport.

He also reminded that the road traffic safety Directorate in cooperation with the state revenue Service and the Ministry of Finance in 2016, has developed amendments to the regulations relating to the registration of vehicles and which came into force in January this year.
As previously reported, according to the head of the state revenue Service Ilze Cirule, the amount of unpaid state taxes from transactions for the sale of cars on the portal can reach 50 million euros.

Cirule said that the first problems with the portal announcements began in early 2016. Then guide has ignored all requests of the SRS. "We have tried to adhere to the principle of "first consultation". We tried to talk we tried to reach an agreement, but, having passed all these stages, and realizing that, unfortunately, compromise is not achieved, we were forced to resort to extreme measures," said Ilze Cirule.