The name is associated with the slogan "Hands up, don't shoot," which became popular after the murder of African-American Michael brown a police officer. The campaign has highlighted cases of police brutality. The goal, according to CNN, was to intensify the protest movement among African Americans. At the same time others may consider "black" activism as a potential security threat, said the TV channel.

Page, traffic to Tumblr was proposed to use app Pokemon Go. Users urged to call their pokemon by the names of victims of police and train them on the bases, which are located near the places where they killed an African American.

Those who captured the base in the game, could receive a gift certificate to Amazon in the amount of $25 to $100. Not specified, did someone participate in the lottery and whether they received prizes.

The relationship of the movement with Russia was discovered by the journalists and activists in places where the campaign tried to organize protests. The head of the movement, who identified himself as Daniel reed, gave an interview to the International Press Foundation (IPF). It turned out that the answers to the questions he sent by mail, writing them in a Microsoft Word document. CNN examined the metadata and found that there appears the Russian word "Name". This probably means that the program Russian language listed as the primary.

Now a group page in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is blocked. Pages on YouTube and website traffic work, and the account in Tumblr publishes materials about Palestine.

Russia's intervention in U.S. policy are now investigating in Facebook, Twitter and Google+.