Admittedly, in today's underwear variety is easy to get lost! All of these fabrics, models, and many nuances can enter in this stupor! We have already written about what underwear is the most relevant in this season, and now with you look on the shelf with the most seductive panties and bras, trying on that, you will force your man to ignite passion!

Do note, the tastes of different men differ something that makes the blood of some boil, others seem boring and unattractive. However, always keep in mind that the you will look enticing only feeling confident.

Even if you're dressed in the most erotic lingerie in the world, it will not "play" if you feel a sense of embarrassment and shame.

On the other hand, there are women who radiate sexuality even when they are wearing faded pajama shorts with cubs. Thus, the first condition of a correct choice is to find such lingerie, which you will be comfortable.

When you have determined the boundaries of their comfort zone, can start to the most exciting — be creative and choose your "weapons of seduction". Of course, not forgetting the tastes of your beloved man.

Exquisite lace classic always looks seductive. And this season a variety of inserts, ribbons and mesh lace stand out designers. To create candid images, you can choose a set of easy Thong and a bra made entirely of lace hook.

But not less than attractive and tempting it may well look underwear that will not give your Romeo from your secrets, leaving room for his imagination. Even cute pantalonchiki or nightgowns, covering most of the body can be sexy!

Well, the most daring and decisive we suggest to buy fishnet stockings with garters. This item of clothing last! And the effect it has, without exception, to all men!