During the master class he has prepared dishes from basmati (Indian cuisine), risotto (Italian), and plov (Uzbek cuisine), and also gave valuable advice on how to cook rice in the best way depending on the dish.

In the master-class was attended by: the owner of a creative Agency Gundega Skudrina, artist Ieva Cooper, stylist Carers and representatives of the Indian culture center Bharata, and others. The idea of the master-class belongs to the company Rīgas Dzirnavnieks and Herkuless Gourmet, offering high quality of rice products — basmati, Jasmine, trejdingovoj and brown rice, and particularly rice, sushi and risotto.

Tips from the chef Lauris Alekseev

  • Rice is the third most widespread crop in the world after sugar cane and corn.
  • In the world there are more than 40 thousand varieties of rice, and they belong to the rice seed of Oryza sativa.
  • If you want the rice doesn't stick together, you need some time to wash it under cold running water until it becomes transparent. After this the rice you need to dry them in a colander.
  • With the exception of the risotto rice: before cooking, in any case not washed out, otherwise the rice would crumble and fall apart, or washed only once.
  • When the rice is crucial to the amount of water in which the rice is cooked. The recommended ratio in most cases is 1:2 rice : water.
  • Before cooking it is advisable to pour the rice warm or hot water and reach a boiling point on high heat — after the rice needs to cook on low heat and the pan should cover.
  • No species of rice, in addition to risotto, no need to disturb during cooking. Especially not recommended to mix pilaf
  • The finished rice should be slightly hard inside, like pasta al dente.
  • When cooking rice in the end you can add a mixture of own preparation is a little lemon juice, a pinch of sugar, salt and a knob of butter.
  • When the rice is ready for sushi, it is worth adding mirin or rice vinegar — this will give the rice not only the brilliance and the characteristic taste and aroma.
  • If you want the rice turned out crumbly, you can add butter or vegetable oil.